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contour shuttle pro v2 how can i download button pdf

Why is this not a pdf file so it can be downloaded as a crib for labelling to shuttle keys. It appears to be a perfs file and how on earth do you print that?
I’m afraid that suspending me for asking a simple question is not the welcome I expected in much the same way as I expected an image file to actually be printable. One of the main reasons for considering Shotcut was that I would be able use my shuttle (which does works with this software).

I found this site where you can download files to print the button labels

What do you mean by that?

I don’t have one of these devices, but the “pref” file is a binary file which I believe you import into the controller software. See page 7 here: Sign in to your account

Thank you very much for your kind efforts - I simply wanted to be able to download the image showing which keys perform which function (a crib sheet) I already have the "perfs working all I need is which button performs each task. With reference to being blocked your guess is as good as mine but not a very nice thing to happen on your first post.

I still don’t understand what you mean when you say you were blocked. What happened exactly?

I don’t know! A message flashed on the header and I think a red marker. The message said something to the effect that I had to be vetted by a moderator and I would be unable to post until I’d been cleared.?.?

Maybe a word, a series of words or a link you wrote was automatically blocked by some forum filters, and it needed to be approved by a moderator. Something like that. Looks like it’s fixed now.

Maybe that happens if the content of the message is too short for a first-time poster. There are some anti-spam guards in place last I recall, to prevent new accounts from spamming links and ads with no actual content. I wouldn’t take the block personally. Your question seemed reasonable enough.

It is an image in the web page you can easily download like most images in a web page. Right click it and choose save image.

If you want to print button labels I recommend that you use a word processor and type each command on a separate line the way you prefer such that it will fit and with line spacing to make it easier to cut.

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A short message written quickly gets automatically flagged by the system to be approved by a moderator. It’s nothing personal, the computer can’t tell the difference between you and a spammer. But Dan demonstrated that he approved your message as soon as he noticed that it required moderation. We are glad you came to ask your question on the forum - and you are certainly welcome to be here.

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Once again man thanks to you all. I had been pondering the problem in the early hours and it occurred to me that I could photograph the picture, and bless me I was the second by a long way to arrive at the solution - also I learned something new “press and save as”. Thank you very much I think I’m going to enjoy Shotcut very much.

I wonder if I could impose on your good nature? Where can I find a list of keyboard short cuts I want see if I can a couple of functions on the Contour Shuttle Pro V2?
Thank you very much

Many many thanks

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