Content Awareness Filter

In most other image and video editors, there is a feature called Content Awareness, where the program decides what is most important in an image and will remove parts of an image while still retaining the most important subjects. This feature also includes marking what points are important manually, so the computer doesn’t accidentally crop out something important.

For more info, check out this video:

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While I agree many photos editor are capable of seam carving, I have never actually come across a video editor that can accomplish this with a video stream. Can you name one?

It looks like a gimmick to me and would add greatly to the overhead of Shotcut.

What’s wrong with using old-fashioned human artistic judgement to crop and size your images?

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This looks super cool but I don’t see any video editors doing it. The only way you’d be able to do it with video now would be to export an image sequence, edit it frame by frame and then pull it back in to export as a video. It might be possible to write some form of script to automate it since there is OSS that does it(like GIMP and digikam) as for it’s value in video software directly, adobe added it to photoshop but not premier or aftereffects from what I can tell.

I have seen this video before. I would not be surprised if it comes by way of open source and especially through a FFmpeg filter.