Constrain Crop Aspect Ratio and Exporting Video Clip After Cropping

I would like to crop a video clip. When I choose the crop filter, I get the handles around the video clip and I drag them to the desired crop. Fine.

Question 1: Is there a way by which I can constrain the aspect ratio of the crop i.e. keep the 16:9 ratio? In a graphics program, this is achieved by holding down the Shift or the Ctrl key while dragging, and

Question 2: How do I export only the cropped part of the video and not the black canvas around it? I have noticed that after exporting the file, I get the cropped part of the video with the black void canvas surrounding it (see graphic). I have seen several Youtube videos, but I am not yet clear on this.

Help appreciared.

Hi @BazzaBoy
Please read this discussion, you will find one possible way to achieve what you’re trying to do.

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