Constant zoom

How can we make a constant zoom with the latest version ?
The Size, Position and Rotate filter make an acceleration at the begining of the zoom keyframe (for exemple 100%), and deceleration at the end (for exemple 0%), even though the middle is right 50%…
How can we avoid this effect, and have a constant or linear zoom ?
Thanks a lot for your help !

Zoom default is at 100%.

Maxed out zoom is at 1,000%.

Not entirely sure what you question is though.

If you wanted it to zoom from 200% to 400%, just set your first keyframe to 200%.

Now set your 2nd (last) keyframe to 400%.

You didn’t indicate if the zoom is for 1 clip or the entire video. Feel free to reply and give further details for a better answer.

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Thanks Hudson,
The zoom is for 1 clip.
In your exemple, the first keyframe is 200% and the 2nd (last) is 400%. Ok.
But in the screen, i see an acceleration in the biggining of the zoom and a deceleration at the end. The zoom is not constant, or linear, or regular. It is “progressive”, “exponential”…
But in the middle of the clip, there is right 300% :weary:
I can not have a zoom with a constant speed as I could in the old version of the filter…
Do you know why or a way to fix it ? :pray:
Thank you.

I don’t understand your statement. I just created a 20second clip and applied a keyframed zoom to it: 100% at 0secs 200% at 20secs.

I paused the clip at 1 second intervals and checked the amount of zoom showing at those intervals. The amounts of zoom were exactly what would be expected for a linear zoom.

Peut-être que les images-clés ne sont pas réglées sur “Linéaire” ?

Maybe the keyframes are not set to “Linear”?

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Thank you for trying to help me :slight_smile:
The keyframes are linear but I have the same problem.
With a grid at 20 pixels, I can see that the scale is correct : at the middle of the clip, the size and the scale are in the middle interval…
But when I see the result, the effect is different from the old version.
In the old version, with a grid at 20 pixels, at the middle of the clip the size were smaller (while the scale were correct)…
I’m probably not very clear (I don’t speak english very well).
I think that the visual effect of zoom is slightly different between the old and the new version. The new is more dynamic, but it’s not what I expect…

What is that version number?

The version with Size, Position and Rotate filter separated : 1 for scale (which one i used) and 1 other for the position.
I think that was the 18 or 19 version… and I would like to re-install it :wink:

You can find old versions here.

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

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