Constant frame rate video incorrectly determined to be variable frame rate in 20.11.29?

I’m a new Shotcut user here (and new to video editing) so I might have made an incorrect diagnosis. Be Gentle :smile:

I recently bought a new, more powerful computer and installed Shotcut 20.11.29 on it.

When I started editing newly-created GoPro MP4 files, I received warnings that the files had a variable frame rate and needed to be converted. These videos - at least as far as I can tell - do not have a variable frame rate.

Editing these same videos on my older (slower) computer did not result in the same warning. But that older computer had Shotcut 20.11.28 installed on it, not 20.11.29.

So, I installed 20.11.28 on my new, faster computer and am also no longer getting the variable rate warnings there.

Has the code to determine whether or not a video has a variable frame rate changed between 20.11.29 and 20.11.29?

If not, does anyone else have a suggestion for why I’m seeing this warning in 20.11.29?


I think you meant 20.11.28 and 21.01.29. The answer is no, but maybe you are confused about versions because in version 20.10.31 there is this from the release notes:

Fixed convert dialog for variable frame rate never appears if dragged directly to non-empty playlist or timeline.

The detection code was not changed, but a bug that prevented showing the dialog was.

FYI, if it helps you can often leave out the last set of digits from the version number. Those really only help when really digging into the details or running unreleased versions.
are all the months in which they were released. Sometimes a month is skipped.

How do you know your GoPro videos are not variable frame rate? I have a Hero 5 Session, Hero 7 Silver, Hero 8, MAX, and Hero 9. All of these produce constant frame rate and do not show the dialog except the Hero 7 Silver. The non-black Hero 7s were using a Qualcomm chip instead of the GoPro GP1 chip introduced with Hero 6. These Hero 7 Silver and White definitely are VFR but it is relatively minor, and you might be able to get away without converting unless the camera was exposed to some harsh conditions.

Thanks for your quick reply and cogent explanation. Yes, you’re right - about a lot of things.

But before I get into an extensive mea culpa, I neglected to mention in my previous post how impressed I am with ShotCut. I had tried out a number of other video editors without finding anything that was as intuitive and as well-featured as Shotcut. Thanks for contributing to this project - it’s very good.

I did get the version numbers confused. And, you were right about the GoPro - I do have a Hero7 Silver so my videos do have a variable frame rate. Not only that, after further investigation, the appearance of this VFR dialog happens in both versions (20.11 and 21.01).

However, before I started editing these videos on my new computer I had never seen that dialog. Nevertheless, it does appear that I can ignore that warning and get away without converting.

So, aside from the fact that I don’t understand why that VFR dialog is now appearing, my problem is resolved. Thanks very much for your help.


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