Connecting GPS to camera

Hello folks,
is it possible to connect a cam with a handheld GPS (like this one) in order to get the tracking of geolocation during the filming?

Can’t say for all cameras, but the answer is generally no for most major system cameras. What cameras usually do is connect by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a smartphone, and the smartphone feeds GPS coordinates to the camera for tagging pictures with geolocation data. Here are the smartphone apps that offer this feature by manufacturer:

  • Panasonic: “Image App”
  • Olympus: “Image Track”
  • Nikon: “SnapBridge”
  • Canon: “Camera Connect”
  • Sony: “PlayMemories Mobile”

There are a couple of caveats. Since the GPS is constantly running on the phone, the phone battery drains faster. If the connection is made over Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth, the camera battery will also drain faster to maintain the Wi-Fi link. Bluetooth is much more energy efficient. Lastly, the GPS data is sent only once per capture. This is fine for photos, but it means that videos only get tagged at the start location. Last time I checked, these apps do not feed a stream of GPS coordinates to the camera, for example to record the route of a moving car during video recording. This could change (or perhaps already has) with newer cameras or firmware.

To track GPS coordinates while moving similar to the way a GoPro does, there is the option of recording the route with a smartphone then merging the GPS data later. Here is a recent thread describing a way to draw routes in Shotcut:

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