Confusing snapping with playhead: please highlight reason

For him, it’s like AutoHotKey but without AutoHotKey. :smile:

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I think @jonray has found his own cowbell:



LOL!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Definitely an addiction!! I’m even thinking… hmmm, maybe I could fit FOUR of these on my timeline … :laughing: :laughing: :crazy_face:
I think I’ll ring the doctor on Monday … :smiley:

LOL! So right! :grin:

Now that is FUNNY! :smiley: You guys are the best!!


Modifying the installed Shotcut files is within your rights under the GPL license, but it is not supported and it will introduce bugs. The linked modification will overwrite and lose changes that have made over the past year to work with the major new version of the GUI library we use. Now, ask yourself if that is a good idea.

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I am doing Keyframe mapping and this would be really helpful instead of just hitting right arrow six times for each new mapping but I am having a hard time matching the folder structure of where I would need to put this change. Any guidance on where it should go on more recent build?

The “/Applications/” looks like I either have permissions issues on my machine or the install process has changed