Confusing snapping with playhead: please highlight reason

Entrez la valeur dans le champ numérique, puis tapez sur “Enter” cela retire le focus du champ.

Enter the value in the numeric field, then tap “Enter” it removes the focus from the field.

Hi @namna, I tried that but it’s not working for me. The cursor remains blinking. Must be something my end - I’ll try a reinstall.

Salut, j’ai essayé mais cela ne fonctionne pas pour moi. Le curseur continue de clignoter. Ça doit être quelque chose de ma fin - je vais essayer de réinstaller.

Great add-on!

Thank you, as a transition specialist that you are, I hope this will help you when you need to move 20 frames. :wink:

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Yes! For sure! Thank you!

Nope, same thing here jonray. To remove the focus from that field, all I could find that works is clicking inside another field, like the time counter field for instance.

I have not tested this extension, but there is a global keyboard shortcut Shift+Esc to give the player focus (not anything specifically in it). Or you can simply click the player. That is a general remedy for making some keyboard shortcuts work because something with a focus scope is stealing them.

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:+1: Shift+Escape works. Thanks.

@namna PM’d me to say that the line of code (line 171 or thereabouts):

 Keys.onEnterPressed: focus = false//hiddenButton.forceActiveFocus()

makes the modification respond to the NUMERICAL KEYPAD “Enter”. To make it respond to “Return” change the code to:

 Keys.onReturnPressed: focus = false//hiddenButton.forceActiveFocus()

It works! Thanks to @namna.

Thanks for the info @jonray. I’ll make the change right away. I’m actually using the plugin right now. I found out it makes it very easy and quick to place beat markers on the timeline to synch video with audio. Especially with modern music which have a very steady tempo. I simply count how much frames there are in a set of 8 beats (there is a name for this, I’m sure…). It’s 117 frames for the song I use. And by Toutatis and Belenos, the markers hit the bullseye each time.
Thanks again to @Namna for this great plugin.

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Voici une version mise à jour pour SC 20.09.13
- La taille de la police dans le champ est “standard système” (je la réduisais car sur OSX elle est trop grosse)
- Les 2 boutons Enter et Return enlèvent le focus
- J’ai traduit les bulles d’aide en Anglais.

Here is an updated version for SC 20.09.13

  • The font size in the field is “system standard” (I reduced it because on OSX it is too big)
  • The 2 buttons Enter AND Return remove the focus.
  • I have translated the tooltips into English.

TimelineToolbar.qml.txt (10.9 KB)


@musicalBox, that is a good example of a use case scenario. I’d thought of that use but not tried it yet.

For me this is such a great tool. I’m using it now. I have to split a long clip into individual shots. So I set the value to either 3, 30 or 300 frames (it’s easy to change by adding/taking off zeros), then hitting return.
Then… 300 frames to navigate long stretches of clip (12 seconds), 30 to go forwards/back just over a second, and crucially 3 frames to quickly navigate the split point. Then I only have to use the arrow keys one or two times to precisely locate the split point. Then 3 frames forward with one mouse click, press I (“In”), then off to the next one, etc. So quick and easy.

Thank you so much @Namna!

Merci beaucoup!


Also, super-quick navigation of a long timeline with the tool set at 1000:


Also, helping to add a 7-frame fade in and fade out to a clip. (Provides a useful visual cue): :smiley:


@shotcut I have a suggestion - have the page up / down values configurable.

Provide a Settings / shortcuts dialog, let users change the duration moved to either n seconds or n frames / reset to default.

This could apply to the other movement / values shortcuts:

Forward One Second Page Down page down
Backward One Second Page Up page up
Forward Two Seconds Shift+Page Down shift+page down
Backward Two Second Shift+Page Up shift+page up
Forward 5 Seconds Ctrl+Page Down command+page down
Backward 5 Seconds Ctrl+Page Up command+Page up
Forward 10 Seconds Shift+Ctrl+Page Down shift+command+page down
Backward 10 Seconds Shift+Ctrl+Page Up shift+command+page up

This would achieve what the modification by @Namna does but using key presses.

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“passage”, “phrase”, “section” … :smiley: :wink:

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:+1: If you use too high values, you will probably have to increase the width of the field (in line 158, replace 35 by 40, 50, 100…). :smile:

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How about a super-quick 5-frame flashing image? :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

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I like this idea so much I put myself TWO on my timeline!! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:
(one for a short value and one for a longer value, for wider navigation)…

Happy to post my code for this (easy to adapt from @namna’s original) if anyone wants it!!

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Is there a intervention specialist in the building? I think @jonray have an addiction :roll_eyes:

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