Config export video using second gpu

i am using version 21.05.01 and in my laptop using integrated gpu Intel UHD 620 and NVIDIA GeForce MX150. If I export video using codec hevc_qsv, it uses Intel’s GPU, can I switch it to NVIDIA?

hevc_qsv will use the Intel GPU, to use the NVIDIA choose hevc_nvenc. If you had an AMD GPU you’d choose hevc_amf.

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Hi Elusien,
I tried hevc_nvenc, it only uses CPU and the exported file is audio-only


If you look at the NVIDIA support matrix it states that this GPU does not support video en-/de-coding.

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Oh my… So my options are still using Intel GPU or using CPU to export video

Unless anyone else knows different.

We have quite a few posts here of exports only producing audio and no video and 99% of them are because people try to use hardware encoding, not realising that up until recent generations of GPUs HW-encoding in general produced lower quality videos in much larger files, being mainly designed for fast streaming of video, not quality.

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Now THAT is a link worth having.
Thank you, @Elusien

For an interesting read with various comparisons between CPU and GPU encoding see:

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