Compressor filter has no effect

Hello everyone.

I’m absolutely familiar with what audio compression is, and I need some light vocal compression on a video I’m editing. Please don’t suggest that I need “Gain”, or “Normalise”. I don’t.

I’m having the exact problem mentioned here: Compressor ist not working at 18.07

Which is, that the only control on the filter that seems to have any effect is the makeup gain. No matter how low I set the threshold or how high I set the ratio, I can’t get the gain reduction meter to move, and I don’t hear any compression of the actual audio.

Am I doing something wrong, and can I help with troubleshooting?

I’m running Shotcut version 20.09.13 on Windows 10.

I do not reproduce this. I can think of a couple of reasons that you might not see the compressor engage:

  1. If you have not turned down the threshold, or if your audio does not exceed the minimum threshold of -30db.
  2. If you do not increase the Ratio to be higher than 1:1

Can you check those two settings are report back?

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