Completely broken file

I was working on a project using the new keyframes, and nothing in the timeline came out correctly in the video. I don’t know if it is a software problem or if I did something wrong, but I have included a link to a google drive folder below. I know it isn’t a hardware problem because I have tried it on my macbook pro and my windows desktop to the same result. If anyone could help me that would be great.

As keyframes is a major new feature, it has introduce a lot of bugs. I am not surprised you are having problems. Most of these bugs are already fixed for the next release due on June 2. I am sorry it set you back, but I am not available to repair people’s projects for them. In fact, due to the filter trimming feature in v18.05, it is not possible to understand some of the intentions (when a filter starts and stops) and to correct them automatically. What I can tell you that will help is that if you adjusted the length of a clip after adding filters - including fades - then the length of the filters were not adjusted. Basically, in this version, after adjusting the clip length, you need to revisit each filter and check its length in the Keyframes panel. And in the case of fades, you need to remove and re-add them.

P.S. I edited your post to remove the google drive link because someone flagged it as offensive material. I felt it better to comment that out than to hide the post.