Compiling several rendered clips into a larger video?

Hi there everyone,

I was wondering if anybody knows a way in which I could put together several clips that I have already rendered into one larger video without having to render the entire thing again? I have several clips of about 4-10 minutes that I would like to compile together that have already been exported using Shotcut. Putting them all together would make a video of about 1.5 hours. Which I would then have to export again. Is there a way to put them together without having to export the entire 1.5 hours of already rendered videos?

Thank you all in advance.

The only way I know how is to use MKVToolNix which would compile all the vids together into a MKV file. Check 'em out here.

MKVToolnix will work well.

If you want to put the videos together and output to formats other than MKV you could use Avidemux.

Thank you both for your help, much appreciated!

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