Compile error:cant find lib -llibmlt++ -llibmlt

We download the newest shotcut version(shotcut-src-160701.tar.bz2) and try to compile it using QT5.5,in windows 7(x64) .But there is a compile error :can’t find -llibmlt++ -llibmlt.
We found in “” file has such sentence: LIBS += -L$$MLT_PATH\lib -lmlt++ -lmlt -lopengl32 .But we can’t find the lib file in MLT-6.2.0.tar.gz.
How to get the libmlt++ and libmlt ? how to fix it?

Why are you trying to compile it? It is already compiled. I do not provide much support for compiling especially for Windows, but I will point you to a few sources for more information. Oh, and above all, I do not recommending using the src archive provided with each release. That is mainly provided for GPL compliance (bundle of source of some dependencies used to make said binary).

  1. First, is the build script, which is used to make builds nightly including the release:
    Some developers on Linux also use the build script to rebuild to test their changes, partly by tweaking script config variables. The script does not run on Windows - not even with MinGW or Cygwin Bash. Well, maybe one can get it to work, but I do not even try.
  2. Secondly, I cross-compile the Windows version on a Debian host:
  3. I actually do a lot of development on Windows now and documented my steps here:

None of this information is going to be perfect, things change, and you will have trouble. If you want me to provide you with a prebuilt SDK, please explain why you are trying to build and be as specific as possible.

We are using the shotcut program to edit the video file we shot and found it lack of watermark function which is exactly what we want. So we try to compile the source code and try to add watermark function.The compile error problem has been solved,thanks very much.We are trying to add watermark function but we don’t know how to add watermark function.Can you tell us how to add watermark?

And there is another question: we found the shotcut.exe eats lots of memory even we edit very small video file.For instance,we play a 3M file and the shotcut.exe may eat 300+M memory.After we delete the play file ,the memory the shotcut.exe eats will not be released.Is there any solution for this problem?

Can you provide more detail about how you need the watermark to work?

The 300M memory usage is quite normal. When performing a lot of editing, I have seen Shotcut require as much as 2G of memory. So my advice would be to make sure you use Shotcut on a machine that has a lot of memory available.

Use a video track with Composite enabled and possibly the Size & Position filter, or use the Overlay HTML filter.

If you want to improve memory utilization, great! But do not ask how. If I knew how from my mind, I would have done it already! The only way to improve it is with the hard work of detailed analysis. I will tell you that you probably need to mostly look at MLT. In particular, mlt_cache, mlt_pool, and reference leaks or optimizations as MLT uses a reference-counting approach to object dependencies and deallocate when reference count reaches zero.