Comparison of project export with ShotCut and CapCut

On this forum there was an article “Export same project with CapCut, VSDC vs. Shotcut”, which I was a little upset by the conclusions, so I decided to check it myself


  1. Clip 40:52 (40 min 52 sec) 4K, 4526MB, ~ 14.7 Mbit/s

  2. CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core, RAM - 64Gb, GPU-GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6Gb

Results of encoding:
Project with audio overlay and 2 transitions, same variable Bit Rate 17Mbit/s:

ShotCut [version 12/23/15] CPU (26%, 75°C), GPU (80%, 53°C), 4850MB – 13:25 (13 min 25 sec)

CapCut [version 3.2.0] CPU (5%, 56°C), GPU (100%, 63°C), 4620MB – 10:16 (10 min 16 sec)


  1. ! It is important to set Use hardware encoder, Detect right codec (in my case - h264_nvenc, hevc_nvenc) in Shotcut

  2. It seems that CapCut works more competently with graphics card

  3. I can’t say that Shotcut export is much inferior to CapCut. I don’t see much difference. I’m used to working for Shotcut, so shotcut is my choice in this case.

I tried to work in CapCut, I got the feeling that I was very limited. I’ll try to explain why.

  • Key frames. Recently, many options for key frames have appeared in shotcut, capcut has only a linear type (perhaps I did not find where this can be changed).
  • Working with sound. It’s certainly good that CapCut has voice enhancement and noise reduction functions, but I didn’t find an equalizer, limiter, or compressor, which I need quite often.
  • Export window. When I saw it in CapCut, I tried to find the “advanced options” button, but couldn’t find it. I was limited in the choice of only 5 video resolution options, in only three codecs. Thank you for at least letting me choose the video bitrate manually. My frame rate choice is also limited (24,25,30,50,60), and what should I choose if my camera records at 29.97?
  • My laptop has a fairly powerful processor (i9-13900h) and a built-in Intel Iris graphics card. On such a laptop, the difference in video export speed is almost imperceptible. Both video editors are not able to load my 20 thread processor 100%.

I don’t want to say that CapCut is bad, it just doesn’t have the features that I often need that Shotcut has.

I can’t say that I know much about CapCut. I use CapCut only for encoding the output consumer level. I worked on Premier for a long time, since old DVS formats (PAL, NTSC) are supported only on Premier. I tried to recode materials from previous years - neither CapCut nor Shotcut could work correctly with materials from previous years.

I was just very pleasantly surprised by the Shortcut functionality for free!
Shotcut is perfect for quickly developing professional-grade materials. It’s simply amazing to see such functionality of shortcut for free! Adobe Suite was purchased for more than $4K.

Special effects are all the same privileges of Blender, Maya, AfterEffect etc. (Currently, the possible exception is DaVinci Resolve multifunctional package).

The 29.97 format is an old NTSC (USA) audio and video separation standard for transmitting data over narrow channels. Why would you encode the output file to 29.97? Use 30, 60 depending on the input material even if the material is an old DV format.

In addition to the encoding comparison between CapCut and Shotcut:
When it comes to laptops, things are a little more complicated.
I usually code on a desktop computer. I have a ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop (AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti) where I need to install two drivers for the video card Graphic_DriverOnly_ROG_AMD, Graphic_DCH_ROG_NVIDIA. CapCut determines everything by default for NVIDIA, you just need to set the desired bitrate.
ShotCut must be determined manually and the encoding driver must be selected - h264_nvenc or h264_amf. Specifically for this laptop, the ROG Zephyrus G14 with two video card drivers could not fully involve NVIDIA for encoding. I think that you can configure Shotcut somehow, because the CapCut defines it correctly.
Time difference to code same project: CapCut – 8:25, Shotcut – 13:56 sec.

My personal opinion is that for a serious long-term (months) project, import is the final stage and the difference in coding of 1.5-2 times does not matter.

Frankly speaking, this laptop is for gaming and not for video encoding. ))

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