Comparing Performance among CPUs and GPUs


I’m trying to compare mobile workstations focusing on the differences among the CPUs and GPUs you can customize them with.

Googling this just provides PC mag and similarly unreliable “evaluations.”

I’m trying to ascertain what’s the difference in performance in rendering or other tasks which most tax a CPU and/or GPU in video editing, among the various CPUs and/or GPUs?

Ex. What better performance should one expect between the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 -vs- T1000 -vs- T2000?

Ex. Better performance between an Intel CPU iCore 7 6 cores 12 threads -vs- Intel iCore i9 8 core 16 threads?

Thank you.

What codec will the exported videos use? If using H.264/265, then GPU-accelerated encoding becomes an option. If using AV1 or DNxHR or ProRes or Ut Video or Huffyuv, then GPU doesn’t directly do the encoding and CPU becomes more important.

This chart is a bit dated but was pure cpu based on a benchmark @nwgat built a while ago(I think it used shotcut from 2016) but the basic scaling should apply today on the cpu side, the benchmark is still available, just not 100% 1:1 with the 2020 versions of shotcut, I’ve tried to prod nwgat to update it but never got a response. The T7500 is actually my day to day desktop and what I still use to edit today alongside a quadro P4000, I droped some gpu information in your other thread as well.

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