Comparing Full HD to 4K footage

Thanks to Austin, I was able to make this basic comparing video.
I think you should select HD-quality in YouTube to see the real difference…

Thanks for sharing. You can definetly see more fine detail in 4k, especially on the close-ups. On wider scenes you can hardly see a big difference. Its like soft sharpening and increasing contrast/color grading but it also can reveal more details. Nice comparison. Are the clips cut-outs of 100% resolution, or did you shrink the clips to fit in 1080p? The last would not be helpful i guess.

I used the Size, rotate and positioning filter for it.

With the size setting you probably shrinked it to fit, so we dont see the 100% crop. I think the differences would be more obvious if you compared 100% crops of the 1080p footage over the 4k to have a 1:1 comparison. Anyway, it seems when you just shrink it there is still more detail to be seen :slight_smile:

I’ll keep trying until I will get the result…

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