Comodo Antivirus blocks installation

Has anyone else experienced an antivirus application blocking installation of Shortcut?

What action can we take to prevent this reoccurring?

You could either disable Comodo while you install SC or download the portable version.

Thanks. I think I will try unblocking it.

Well that’s not preventing Comodo false flagging the installer. If you want to really prevent it, then contact Comodo

If you did not download from the Shotcut web site, then this might happen. If you did, then I am surprised, and I am certain there is no virus in the downloads I provide.

True, I did not consider the OP may have downloaded from a source other than
It would be useful to know the exact message provided by Comodo AV when installation was ‘blocked’.

I downloaded from your website. Comodo provided no message. It took a while for me to reason that it could be the antivirus application. I have unblocked Shortcut and installation was OK. To prevent this happeneing in the future to someone else, I think you should contact Comodo.

As you are the user of Comodo, I’d suggest it would be more useful that you make contact with them to let them know that their program is blocking a legit installer. After all, Shotcut owes you nothing, but as we get to benefit from the SC developers work for free we owe them something in return, right? :wink:

Agreed and thank you very much for such a great application!

I have sent an email to Comodo asking them to add Shortcut to their list of safe apps.

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If you are using Windows 10, you should consider that antiviruses are now useless, with W10 SmartScreen blocking everything new and Windows Defender doing the rest.
As a computing veteran (since the 80’s), I no longer use third-party antiviruses even in Windows 7: only MS Security essentials, Clam AV on demand and strong ad blockers on Web browsers. I gave up antiviruses because they always block the innocuous apps I write myself, with proud warnings about discovering a highly dangerous file on your computer, but indeed they are never ready for the latest threats.
I met 2 serious viruses in all my computer life: MS Blaster in 2003 and, the worst, TDSS. Both came through my Internet connection, on Windows XP, with Avast (free edition) running and up to date. I managed to remove both of them by rebooting immediately on Linux, then examining all Windows system files. I always keep a copy of infected files: Avast was able to detect TDSS as a virus about two weeks later. No antivirus had heard about TDSS when I was infected with it. I also tried Kaspersky, which was not better, and often even more troublesome.
Antiviruses are only braggarts, boastful warriors who kill only wounded enemies. In more than 30 years, I NEVER saw an antivirus blocking a virus attack. They work only when you test them on known and already outdated viruses.