Common aspect ratio grids (16x9, 21x9 etc)

I’m trying to export an intermediate video in original 4x3 aspect ratio and then crop the resulted video into standard 16x9. My main issue is that I have to align some stuff by eye so that it won’t be cropped halfway afterwards.

I did end up finding an ok workaround that works for me: to temporarrily add a 1920x1080 center aligned crop:Rectangle filter to the output and use this as a “grid”.

But the grid display feature would be perfect for exactly this but none of the options help so I’m suggesting adding the most common formats to the already present list. I think standard 16x9, ultrawide 21x9 and square 1x1 (all of them as a “best fit” inside the project resolution of course) would be the most useful ones.

As a side note, in my opinion the 10 and 20px grids are too small for anything useful on modern resolutions so I’d propose removing them to keep the list small and readable. Unless they have a useful usage that I’m not aware of.

A) “modern” is not the only usage
B) Grids are not only used for gross positioning or eye-balling. These are used along with snapping to have a bit of free-form positioning while also getting multiple things to line up as in most drawing apps.

I see, very well, scratch the removing part. :sweat_smile:

If you need aspect ratio guides, there are plenty of transparent guides you can download and add as an overlay on a separate track on top of your video.

Well sure, but that’s so much more complex than clicking a button. And it won’t provide snapping.

You could argue that you don’t need any of the grids cause you can just load an overlay. Moreover for the 10/20px grids you can just copy paste the x/y position and you have perfect alignment with no math hassle.

Anyway, I thought it was a nice fast enhancement that wouldn’t hurt or clutter the UI (as I assume most beginners don’t use the overlays anyway and the ones who do understand them enough to not get scared by 2 extra options).