Command "open file Mlt as clip"

I have a montage of several clips in mp4, I want to edit one, I delete it from the montage using the timeline command.

I load the alternate clip into mlt using: “Open XML file, Mlt as clip”, and the problem starts, Shotcut runs it on the monitor screen with no problem but as soon as I place it on the timeline, shotcut only displays a small part and only executes this part.
What’s going on please

W.10 and Shotcut 06.22.03

Not sure what you mean by “using the timeline command”.
Do you mean you used the timeline to do your editing?

Not exactly sure of the steps you used.
Could you give a list of steps of what you did?

“Open MLT XML as clip” is to open up Shotcut project files already saved. Were you trying to open a video clip or an already saved project file?

Ensure all .mlt files have the same frame rate.

Hi there,
Thank you for your answers,
Attention “Hudson555”

  1. On the timeline there is the acronym ^ to remove or delete the faulty clip.
  2. Loading replacement clip from “open xml,mlt file as clip” function(all ready saved).
  3. viewing on the control screen. (everything is going well, the clip is playing correctly).
  4. Putting the clip on the timeline in place of the defaulter using the command represented by a square.
  5. Shotcut doesn’t transfer the addon clip to the timeline and only plays what it transferred hence my question: what’s going on please.
    Attention Shotcut Leader.
    Yes all files have the same rate, and thank you for “shotcut the best”

Do you mean Paste V ?
V is the keyboard shortcut.

I used V for paste.

Yes off course “Pass V” yet i dont understand wwhy Shotcut does not place entirely my clip on tle timeline.

I do not know why it is not working for you, but you can instead open Shotcut twice. Then, copy and paste clips between the two timelines as an alternative approach.

Oui et merci je le fais de temps a autre pour modifier un rush le sauvegarder et le recharger sur 'lautre shocut. je ne savais pas que je pouvais faire un copier coller entre les deux application merci de l’information.

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