Command Line Renderer and use Marker

I am referring to: Command line rendering - #21 by shotcut

And I want to render a video and use the Marker which I have added to the timeline of the project but dont know how to use it.

Can I manipulate the Render-XML or do I need to use a command line option for this?

You cannot do that directly from the command line because the marker is strictly a feature of the GUI. You need to instead specify time or frame-based in and out properties on the XML file argument instead. To understand better, export from a timeline marker in Shotcut, View > Application Log, scroll to the end and see for example:

[Debug ] MeltJob::start “/Applications/ -verbose -progress2 -abort xml:%2Fprivate%2Fvar%2Ffolders%2Fp7%2Ftpy0921s71917nqh9d3430sm0000gn%2FT%2Fshotcut-UOtVAE.mlt in=949 out=1474

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That’s it! Thanks for the solution and thanks for such a nice piece of Software. I was able to create a Rendering Manager based upon Melt and the MLT-Framework for basic Videos like VODs.

Thats so cool that the MLT-Framework is very simple and basic in the way you need to use it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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