Coming from Lagarith was advise to use UTVideo as alternative but it isn't loseless?

Many has suggest that since I can’t use the true loseless lagarith codex in shotcut, I can use ut video.

I tried to use it and then I saw this super confusing thing.
WHY is it asking for quality like a jpeg when it is loseless ?

Lagarith never ask for that.Untitled-1

The codecs Ut Video, HuffYUV and FFV1 are all lossless which means rate control for quality will not do anything. You can simply ignore that tab. In fact, once you pick one of the lossless presets you don’t really need to go to the advanced section of the export menu unless you want to do something like change the audio channels to mono, stereo or 5.1.

Agreed, that part of the UI can be confusing at first when dealing with lossless codecs. FFmpeg supports a huge number of codecs with all kinds of different parameters required for each. Creating a custom UI for each codec is not feasible both for technical and labor reasons. So, Shotcut basically says “here are the common options and I’ll map in the parameters that make sense”. In the case of lossless codecs, the Quality parameters are totally ignored (not mapped to FFmpeg) because the codecs by nature are lossless. Yes, it would be convenient if the UI would redraw itself to reflect the options unique to each codec. But Shotcut is basically looking into a black box for encoding, so it’s not that simple. That’s how Shotcut ended up with a generic UI regardless of whether the output is lossy or lossless.

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