Combining videos with a mixture of different frame rates

Here’s a probably stupid question. I’m working on a project which includes videos where the frame rate varies between 23.76 and 60. Is it recommended to export the combined video at the lowest rate? I did that without thinking and it seemed to work out OK, just thought I’d check.

Is there anything else I need to consider for best results when mixing and matching like this?

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The first video I made with Shotcut had a combination of clips with different frame rates (23.97 and 12). I exported to the higher frame rate with success.

Good to know, thanks. I’m glad Shotcut handles that well.

I made something similar, from 23.97 to 60 and I exported to 24 witho no problems. For technical reasons it would be better to encode all files in the final frame rate, but when you can’t (or you don’t want), Shotcut can easily handle different framerates.