Combining gopro videos

First time posting here but I’ve been using Shotcut for about a year now and never had any problems before. Did a search for this and didn’t find an answer to my problem.

So I play in a band and our bassist films our shows and jam sessions with his gopro. As you may know gopro videos make new chapters every 12 minutes. We usually just press record and let it go for the duration of the show or jam session, which means the videos sometime cut right in the middle of a song. So I’ve been using Shotcut to combine the videos and edit them to have seperate videos for each song, and I’ve never had any problems before.

I hadn’t used shotcut since last March, so I downloaded the new update. When I’m in Shotcut there’s no problem, the videos play seamless and I’m exporting them as I’ve always done, same settings and all. But when I watch the exported video there a complete second missing in the middle of the song, at the point where I’m combining the videos that got cut off at the 12 minute mark by the gopro.

I’m just doing simple video editing, nothing too crazy. I have an old Acer Aspire computer and windows 10. But this shouldn’t have anything to do with the problem, since I’ve been using Shotcut with the same setup for a year now without any problems.

just reinstall old version :

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