Combine videos from different cameras for interview creation

I have 2 videos from two cameras from interview. The first camera shows constantly the one interview participant and the second camera - another one.

Whether is exist some tutorial how I can take 10 seconds of video from the first camera, then 15 secs form the second and then 5 secs from the first etc.?

I’m surprised no has responded to you yet. This forum has a surprising amount of people with the expertise to direct you. I did a three camera shoot, perhaps 6 - 8 years ago but I used Sony Vegas.

Assuming you have seperate audio - you would align your two videos, time wise, one above the the other on V1, V2 tracks. You can use the Hide/Show icon in the V2 header to select the correct In/Out points and use the Lift option to cut away portions of V2 and allow V1 to show. That’s the basics.

You probably can use keyframes to do this as well, and if you put the time into it, that is the way to proceed.


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