Colors problem with GPU Effects

Shotcut 23.06.14
Linux Mint 21.1

I’ve noticed color deviation when GPU effects are enabled. Test scene rendering (brown radial gradient) - always darker when rendering with GPU effects enabled, and very serious loss of contrast when 10 bit + full range is selected. When visually comparing a picture and a rendered video file, the files rendered with the effects turned off are closer to the original. I want to believe that this can be fixed somehow, otherwise I find it difficult to use the GPU effects mode, as this mode distorts the colors for some reason I do not understand. All files and test scene added to attachment. Renders were carried out exclusively on software codecs, hardware acceleration was disabled. (313.4 KB)

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I reproduce this but only with non-YUV video sources: images, color producer, text on color, glaxnimate animation. This is fixed for the next version except for the 10-bit full range output. With GPU Effects turned on that currently only works correctly with full range video sources. I am not confident that will be fixed.

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Thanks for fixing this bug! I’m now looking forward to the fresh new version :slight_smile: