Color matrix REC.601/709

Hi Shotcut team,

I am trying to understand Color conversions.

If I import a 720x576 video in an avi container with Huffyuv compression, will Shotcut treat this footage as REC.601 or REC.709?

Open it and view Properties. You might need to scroll down a little to see Color space. As for what you will get in the output, see Setting > Video Mode > Custom > Add… You do not need to add a custom video mode and can cancel the dialog, but it will tell you about the current setting. If you have Settings > Video Mode > Automatic turned on and have not yet added a file to Playlist or Timeline, expect the video mode to change or adapt. It changes to whatever you open (if it is supported) until you add something to Playlist or Timeline.

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Thank you! Worked perfectly

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