Color Grading improvements

Etalonnage trop basique

Serait 'il possible
d’ajouter un filtre de saturation a chaque niveau d’etalonnage, ( saturation sur a partie sombre, niveau de gamma, et hautes lumieres pour preciser ).

De plus,
serait 'il possible de diviser d’avantage les parties sombre et hautes lumieres, dans l’etalonnage, ( comme dans Da vinci resolve ) pour mieux cibler et modifier des zones d’ombres et de hautes lumieres.

Would it be possible to
Add a saturation filter to each level of grading, (saturation on dark part, gamma level, and highlights to be precise).

In addition
Would it be possible to further divide the dark and high highlights in the color grading (as in Da Vinci Resolve) to better target and modify areas of shadows and highlights.
Thank you.

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Je voudrais savoir si c’est possible d’avoir un etalonnage plus precis, car je trouve celui qui existe trop basique.


I would like to know if it is possible to have a more precise calibration, because I find the existing one too basic.

My version is 24 04 28 and I’m on windows 10

Thank you

Most filters in shotcut is Frei0r filters coded by other people, the shotcut developers add gui elements to support the existing parameters to the filters.
So the functionality is limited to the features on the existing filters.
Don’t except color grading like Da Vinci Resolve in shotcut, that is a professional commercial product with hundred of full time coders, shotcut has 2, there code in there spare time.

I understand now.
Thanks for the reply.
Good luck to the developers, because they have released good software.

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