Color Grading filter improvement


Hi, i am very happy with shotcut, but can you please add color curves and RGB curve in color grading filter?


Hi Brian,
I use shortcut a lot and I do like the program. But I have a big problem controlling the shadow tone values in some images.

The colour wheel values for mid tones and highlights are easily moved up and down to achieve both a positive and negative value from the standard input. But the shadow tones only have lift, which assumes that there is a true black in the image. But what if there isn’t.
The problem comes about when the images are off black and I need to lower the shadow tones with a low level shadow tone gamma to drop the shadow tones back down, so the blacks in the image are on black, not grey. This problem is compounded when trying to match two different brand and types of cameras together. One camera may have the correct values for image tones, but the other camera is slightly off black with an inherent colour cast in the shadow tones that needs to be lowered.

Using the brightness and contrast filters to achieve this does not work, because they change the values for the whole image not just the shadow tone areas.

Is there a way to introduce negative values in the shadow wheel settings, so the shadow tone values of the image can be lowered if the image is not on black?



It would be nice if all three controls started out at unity (midrange) with the ability to adjust up or down from the initial value. This is how the gamma control works now. You could start out at 50% and allow a range from 0% to 100%, or a little more intuitive would be to start at 0% (midrange) and allow -50% to +50%.


Thank you, guys, for help!