Color changes after export

Is this color change normal when exporting?

1 = Before export (Recorded with OBS Studio).
2 = After Export.

Codec: hevc_nvenc

(Colour Range is set to limited for OBS Studio and Shotcut)

Are you referring to this as your color change?

Show me a more clear example. I looked at these images on my laptop’s calibrated 10-bit OLED screen and saw no difference in the two images.

@Hudson555x @dimadjdocent

I can’t find many good examples.
You can see it the most at the hearts.

Maybe this picture will help more (Left = Before|Right = After):

I’m willing to help compare the same frame, but these two are not of the same frame.

Shotcut has a zoom tool to get actual color numbers.


(Same Frame) Without any zoom:

Have you tried disabling the hardware encoder and exporting with a software encoder? Will the result be the same or more correct?

If OBS recorded in RGB format but you’re exporting in YUV 4:2:0 format, then it is common to see fuzzy reds due to chroma subsampling. I don’t see a huge color shift otherwise from these examples, but I’m old enough I need to trust color pickers rather than my eyes.

EDIT: In your last screenshot, I see a mild difference between the big security doors, with the left one looking a little warmer in color. Using a hardware encoder at low bitrate or quality settings can easily create mild variations within this range. What are your encoder settings?

Yes, i tested it without the hardware encoder on and i get the same result.

I hope these are the encoder settings you were looking for:

Those are decent encoding settings, except that I don’t know why interlaced was chosen instead of progressive. That’s worth changing.

I guess I don’t understand the problem. In the screenshot that used the 10x video zoom scope to look at color values, the before and after values were identical. What are we trying to solve now?

I did not know what scan mode is to this point, so i left it unchanged. I have just read a bit about it, and changed it to progressive.

The color values are the same, but the original video looks different than the exported one. It is just a very small difference.

Then maybe i will find a solution for that in the future, by learning more about video editing.

Thank you for your help so far.

There is another possibility then. Maybe the original video was in full color range, and your media player is not interpreting full color range correctly. If the original and exported look the same inside Shotcut, then you did your part right. It’s probably the media player’s fault interpreting the original footage.

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  • Most video editors recompress video using lossy compression.
  • You can export visually lossless (“intermediate” category in Shotcut’s Export presets) or truly lossless, but the file will be very large. That also means it can take a long time to upload somewhere.
  • There are lossless editors such as LosslessCut, but they are basic and offer no filters/effects, transitions, music, sounds, text or images.

You might find this helpful

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Both the original video and the exported one have limited color range.

I now have viewed a original and exported video in the Shotcut player, and i don’t see the difference there.

It looks like it really was the VLC Media Player, where the colors of the exported video look different from the original video.

It was such a simple “fix”.

Thank you for your reply.