Color bars working not correctly

You can see the color bars (open other…) correctly after exporting. While editing you can see them and the previous clip is just glitching… that’s annoying

I can’t see since you did not post a screenshot.

Which color bars?

Update: I can reproduce it now. Going to make a short video of it.

Tried with both Direct X, and OpenGL, same.
Just a preview bug.

Exported video (YouTube preset)

Shotcut 18.11.18

Ok… i installed it on win10. I can try to make a video later if necessary.

Its a preview bug but it’s annoying if you can’t see what you’re exactly doing. Thanks for the info

There is no perfect software. Perhaps just put a transparent color in it’s spot, then re-add the color bars when you’re done editing. I never use color bars, so it was interesting. :slight_smile:

I tried it carefully. I have not found the problem you said.

This has been fixed for the next release v18.12

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