Collapse rightmost clip of current track

I would appreciate a Collapse the rightmost clips of selected track:

  • clicking RightMouse button on a specific clip (audio or video) and selecting this option from Context menu.

Collapse shouldn’t change the position of clips inside different TRACKs (with Tracks i mean the many timeline sections…)

This function is useful because form a long clip, I cut unuseful parts while watching (S key to cut), and then I get a lot of chunks of video distributed inside the timeline, that I would collapse each other to the last valid clip processed.

Does it sound good?


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Do you mean you’d like a way to remove all empty spaces between clips on a same track?

Like this?

Yes, someway like that but not right collapse, left collapse.

I mean: the left side is held, and the right clips are left collapsed…

Left is always the good part of timeline that I’ve already mounted and that I don’t want to touch anymore…


There is a workaround to what you’re trying to do and it requires just a bit of practice: after you split with S and you have a section you want to delete and not leave a space, select it and press X (or right click and Remove if you use the mouse a lot) - this will automatically remove both the clip and the empty area. Note the opposite action is Lift (shortcut: Z) this will remove the video part you are selected but always leaves empty space in its place.

There is also an alternative if you use i or o to trim start/end of subclip: shift+i (and shift+o) this will trim and remove the space for the current track.

Depending on your track usage you might want to enable/disable ripple/ripple all tracks (buttons above timeline).

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I will try X thanks…

(I use to recycle a template (a previous project file) where I have “end video titles” and “start video titles”, putting a new video in the middle. Collapse is in any case useful for this scenario to not manually move end titles for 2 minutes before reaching the last video… :slight_smile: because if you zoom too far, the HAND icon to move video is hard to get over video chunks of 1 mm… well, in any case, thanks)

  1. Add a new track
    2, select all the clips you want to collaps.
  2. copy the clips på pressing “c”
  3. select the new track
  4. append the clips to the new track by pressing “a”

I use it in this video