Cold water & tropical aquarium rescue fish in quarantine

Another video made with Shotcut for you to enjoy.

Happy to answer any questions.

A basic & nice video but you have your song at very high loudness and while hearing, it doesn’t sound pleasant to my ear. And I can’t understand what is happening between the fishes. (I can’t understand what is happening because I didn’t have time so I scrolled it in between).

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Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah I also felt the music was abit loud.
I left it as is to see how people would respond.

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And now I understood what was happening, “there was a tropical fish in the aquarium and the water was cold and then what would happen.” Am I right?

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You are correct, cold water fish are not supposed to be kept with tropical fish as they need different water temperatures.

Cold fish water generally needs no heater - like gold fish
Tropical fish need heaters to raise the water temperature

So had them mixed in a tank for a short period for quarantine purposes to see if they had any disease etc… before moving them to the correct tanks to ensure no contamination of other fish.

I basically rescued // took them over from someone how didn’t want them any more.

Thanks for the awesome question.

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