Cloud platform like premiere pro to save projects

I have used many video editors and I like the feature of premiere pro to save the projects on adobe cloud so that I can directly open them in premiere on another pc with just signing in to premiere by my adobe account.

And I would like this feature to come in shotcut, Then I could work quickly on any pc with just using my account to sign in and opening that project directly from the cloud.

If you could add this feature till next years update then I will be very glad, also many user who use several PCs’ to edit, then they will get a relief from using every time a physical memory or first saving the project then uploading them to icloud then again searching it from another pc then again downloading it and then opening, this waste a lot of time doing all of the thing.

There are other ways of achieving most of what you are requesting. I have 3 PCs at home and keep them in sync using a backup/restore solution called: syncbackfree.

I have several “profiles” for backup/restore, one of which is “Shotcut Projects”. At the end of the day on the PC I have been using I run that profile with a single click and all my Shotcut projects that have changed since the last time I ran the profile are backed up in the cloud and/or external USB drive. If I want to work on another PC I (again with a single click) run the restore profile et voila all the changes made since I last worked on that PC are restored.

It takes only a few minutes each time to do this as only those files that were changed are backed-up/restored. It also fits in with my overall backup strategy, which is important as can be seen from the number of posts we see that start “I’ve been working for days on a project and now my MLT is gone/corrupted - what can I do?”. It also means if I ever become a victim of a ransomware attack I can tell them where to stuff their bitcoin.

I also have 3 PCs at my home. Thanks for the Idea Elusien, I will definitely try syncbackfr… (Whatever this ridiculously worst named service is :yum:). I hope it alternately helps me until this feature comes out.

Like @Elusien, I use a program called FreeFileSync that does the same thing he is doing… it runs on a schedule to back up my projects to external drives. I don’t use cloud, but FreeFileSync does support syncing to a few cloud providers if needed.

I’m not sure how you expect Shotcut to implement a cloud storage provider. Adobe receives money for products purchased by customers, and uses that money to buy storage space from a cloud provider for hosting customer projects. But Shotcut doesn’t have such cash flow. Where are you expecting these files to be stored in the cloud, and who is going to pay for that storage?

Your suggestion can already be implemented by any Shotcut user today. Use Microsoft OneDrive on all three PCs. The OneDrive service runs in the background synchronizing files in real-time. If you save a project, by the time you get up from one computer and sit down at the next computer, the files are already synced. Then it is up to the user to pay for as much storage as they need for their projects. There is no need for Shotcut to code any integration or additional features to make your suggestion work. It already does with a proper cloud provider.

I also use the Microsoft store version, If they even increase the price in microsoft store and then make the cloud storage only available in microsoft store versions, then it could also help.

If you have money to give Adobe forever, you could instead buy a NAS for your home, and then log in from anywhere. Perhaps a Raspberry Pi as a server could work as well. If you want a cloud solution, you could get some server space/web hosting and install Nextcloud on it.

Currently Elusien had solved my problem by recommending syncbackfree. So I have no need now to get an NAS for my home, Thanks for the suggestion.

Your comment is a bit rude for me, I am not using adobe products since last year (except acrobat reader, scan and photoshop) the only adobe app I am paying for is photoshop, I stopped using premiere as I noticed after buying it, I never use it or only 1 time in 6 months, So I stopped paying for premiere last December. (Sorry if it feels rude to you, My intention is to just make you understand that I do not pay too much money to adobe, otherwise why would I come on shotcut, then I had been just working on premiere if I paid money to adobe forever).

I was not being rude. My comment was “IF you have money to give Adobe forever…”. That does not mean that you do. You could spend the money on server space instead. That way, you control everything.

As you are moving to open source software, you could try GIMP instead of Photoshop, and not pay for that subscription. It’s really good. The way it works is a bit different to Photoshop, but when you get used to it, it works well.

No. Not at all. :grinning:

I use both of them, all my 3 PCs have Gimp as it is free, And 2 of them have photoshop. But photoshop is more professional, So I use photoshop for most of the time, And many tools of photoshop are better than gimp (like heal, AI or automatic foreground selection, etc.). And $23 is a good price for this capability. Otherwise for simple tasks (Like text, size, etc.) I use gimp.

Have you looked at Affinity Photo? It’s by Serif - no subscription, and is now on 50% sale. The Affinity website is here (not affiliate) :

I haven’t used it as I am a Linux user, but it has had great reviews.

Yes, I have looked at it and it is already installed on my macbook pro with 8gb ram at my hometown.