Clockwise wipe to so show later in time

In this, the next scene would wipe over the previous scene in a clockwise direction. The fraction of the next scene would go from a pie slice of 1/60th to 60/60th.

How can I do this.

Hi @Ben_Vaserlan

Here’s one way to do it


Thank you very much, @MusicalBox :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

By the way, maybe you noticed that when using the Top Clock method, the rotation speed is not constant.

You’ll get a constant speed if you use a custom greyscale image instead.
Like this one (will work on any 16:9 projects):

  • Download the image above.
  • In Shotcut, select your transition.
  • Go to the Properties panel.
  • Choose the Custom type of transition.
  • Select that greyscale image.

Here’s the difference between the 2 methods:

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