Clips show blank white

v20.11.28 on w10

I can work with proxies and everything looks fine, except my clips are white, just in the playlist. I noticed, but kept working for several hours since the preview looked fine. After turning proxies off and also in the export, all the clips that are solid white in the playlist thumbs become white blanks in the the video.

here’s a preview using proxies, this is what it’s supposed to look like:

and the render of the same scene.

here’s a screencap of my playlist

Any ideas?

Sorry, but I do not know what the problem is, and there is not enough information to determine. Usually a white image means there is no video in the file. Sometimes people have the problem that the proxy shows the wrong thing, or that the project somehow switched over to using the proxy files and lost the originals. I am not sure if that applies here. There could also be problems if many of your mp4 files have multiple video or audio streams. You can upload your project file, and I suggest you start over with proxy turned off. Also, you have filters added to tracks and Output. Are these intended?

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