Clips moving around despite ripple being turned off

Hello all, I am relatively new to editing videos. I am making a video that is mostly of myself speaking. I added a second video timeline (V2) to put other clips in the video, so that it is me speaking, then another clip that overlays me speaking, then we go back to the video of me speaking, etc. It should be very simple. So on V2, I cannot seem to get subsequent clips to stay in place when I edit the position of a previous clip. This is despite the fact that the ripple button is not selected, and “ripple all tracks” is not selected under V2 / Selection.

Let me give a couple of examples:

  1. Let’s say I have a clip at 42:00 and a different one at 42:15. I decide I want to delete the one at 42:00, so I select it, wait the minute or so it takes to select, and then hit X. Now, the clip that used to be at 42:15 moves up to the 42:00 spot automatically. All I want is for it to simply stay at 42:15. Is this possible?
  2. Let’s say I want to move a clip on V2 forward 10 seconds. I do that, but then all of the next clips on V2 also move forward 10 seconds. I did not want any of the subsequent clips to move at all. Is it at all possible for them to remain in place?

Is this the expected behavior of the application with ripple off? If so, how does anyone edit anything if all the clips keep moving around? Or is there a third place where one can turn ripple on that I’m missing, where it may be enabled? Please help, I have spent about 30 hours editing already, including 10 today alone, and at this point I am so frustrated that I am considering starting completely over in a different application.

Yes. Instead of using X use Z(Lift).


With ripple off, I don’t get this behavior. Perhaps make sure you only have 1 clip selected.

Windows 10
Shotcut version 22.06.23

Thanks, Hudson. Z is helpful so I can at least just get rid of all the V2 clips, since I cannot get them positioned where I want.

The second issue happens inconsistently. I will totally accept if it is user error, but I cannot figure it out if it is.

I appreciate the fast help and the fact that this is freeware. I have edited other videos pretty successfully but have always had this same sporadic problem which slows me down a lot.

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