Clips- merge with next clip has disappeared

Clips- merge with next clip has disappeared. It was working and has now stopped. I have loaded a new file and still can’t get the tracks to merge. I need it for setting text descriptions, to change at splits.

When I delete a section I need to merge them for the text control. thanks

Shotcut version 17.08.01

I am having this issue in 18.12.23. I got two clips to merge, but don’t get that RMB option any more. I exited Shotcut and opened the project again. Sill don’t get Merge RMB option on any of the clips.

It’s there in 18.12.23.


This function only appears when the two clips are from contiguous sections from the same source file. This means the end of clip A with frame number X must be followed by clip with frame number X+1 where A and B are the same file.