Clips in Timeline Disappeared

Hi everyone.

I opened my video file today to continue editing and all of the clips from my timeline have disappeared. I’ve tried reloading the project, reloading the program, making sure my view is on “Timeline” and I also reinstalled the program. Nothing has fixed this issue but my video still plays with the edits I made during my last session.

Please help if you can!

Were you using the timeline or the playlist before? Can you attach your project file (.mlt) to this thread so we can inspect it?

Yes, thank you. I had files in the playlist I had imported into Shotcut and then dragged some of them into the timeline to edit the video file/s.
CvC pt1.mlt (26.2 KB)

Your project file has 30 clips (mostly images) in the playlist and it does not have a timeline at all. Perhaps you never clicked save after you moved files into the timeline. Or maybe you saved it to a different file name and forgot. I am just guessing what might have happened. But I am sure there is no timeline in the attached project file.

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Thank you for your replies. I can’t find any other .mlt files on my computer, even though I know I saved after adding files to my timeline. It looks like I will have to start over. I appreciate your time.

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