Clips in my video track doesnt stay in position

Dear All,

When I drag and put my video clips in the exact correct position according to the audio track, lets say in the middle or at the end of the audio track, and then start dragging and positioning other clips in the video track in the beginning of the audio track, then I often find that the video tracks in the end of the audio track has been moved.

Is there any way to FIX the video tracks that have already been positioned so they do not move again, even though I am working with other video tracks elsewhere in the video?



Thanks Hudson. I know this feature, but when locked I can not work with the track and place other videos, move them around etc.

It could be very nice if this LOCK TRACK could be done to certain clips inside the video track that has been placed at the correct spot already. I mean a LOCK CLIP in stead of LOCK TRACK, so that the locked clips can not be modified, moved, overlayed etc.

This feature would FIX the clips that are positioned correctly, and still let me work with the other clips in the same video track without risking moving the locked clips that should not be moved anymore, as they are in the correct place already.

Hope I explained it correctly what I mean :slight_smile:

I’m suspecting you have “Ripple All Tracks” activated.

If there is a specific clip you wish to have set at a specific spot, put that clip on another video track above the other one. With Ripple All Tracks off, that clip will not move unless you alter that track.

OK I see. Actually Ripple all tracks is not activated, but I had it on and off a couple of times while experimenting. OK, I see what you mean. I am working on a laptop and making a music video, so there are 10-15 different clips that need to stay in their respective position and I am having a little issue with seeing just the 2 audio tracks and 1 video track that I have already, so it will be a little too much scrolling with several tracks.
Never mind, I can reposition the clips as I go, so I will be able to make the video still, but was just wonding if it was possible to lock individual clips.

But now I know how to do it, if I am editing from my PC with a much bigger screen. Thanks.

But wait, there’s more that can be accomplished…

Breakout the timeline window.
Make tracks shorter (to save space)
Have Ripple trim & drop off.

Or just reposition with these dot-icons to change the windows position.

Thanks again. I works on the laptop :slight_smile:

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