Clips deleted in exported video

Hi, please help!

I’ve worked on a video for about 16 hours +. It is a travel vlog. And while I was watching it after I had exported it (in YouTube format), some clips from the vlog were missing. There were black screens in the middle. When I went back to Shotcut to see whether the original shotcut backup has the files, it does.

Before I exported the file, shotcut said something like ‘certain files are missing. Please close programme and start again, shotcut will repair it’. I did close and start again and only then did I begin rendering and exporting my file, but the result is that there are blank screens. It took me 2 hours to render it for a 13 minute video.

Can you please tell me how to resolve this? ASAP.

It is hard to say why the clips disappeared. Maybe you moved them on your hard drive after you started your project.

You will need to watch your video in the Shotcut preview to locate the missing files and then replace them.

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What Brian said.

The message about missing files gives you specific details. So what is the name of one of the files that is missing, and can you manually locate that file on your computer? If yes then do not fear, your problem is easily solved!

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