Clips comments box

In the Properties tab, there is a Comments box where we can write notes, but only when a media (image or video) clip is selected. I think this feature should also be available for color clips.

Also, since there is all this empty space at the bottom of the Properties tab, it would be nice if we could vertically resize the comment box.



If one uses Open Other > Text do you think they may expect that Properties > Comments is where you can edit the text for the video?

Open Other >Text is basically a transparent clip with the Text: Simple filter already applied to it.
Text is edited on the Filters tab, Comments on the Properties tab.
I agree a minority of people will be confused by that. It’s inevitable.

I think the comment box should be more visually distinguished from the properties that affect the producer. Perhaps it could be integrated into the blue bar that holds the clip/producer name.

Also, I think it is arbitrary to have comment only for video and color. Can we generalize this to be available for all producers?


And/or: Maybe prefill the comment box with something like Write your notes & comments about this clip here.

Let’s not forget "Open MLT XML as clip…"
I think this is the only kind of clip that as absolutely nothing displayed in the Properties tab.

I added a Comments for color clips to the next version. I don’t want to add it to all producers, and I don’t want to make it visually different, a long label, or resizable. So, I’ve declined those suggestions.

For the record: “Write your notes & comments about this clip here.” was just an example. It didn’t have to be that long.
Anyways, thanks for adding comments to the Color clips. That was the change I needed the most. I didn’t expect that much.