Clipname also at the End of the Clips

Can you please let show the name of its clips also at the end of a clip in front of the thumbnail?. Maybe in the next update? :wink:

This is not a bad idea for usability, but every little thing added to the timeline slows it down. This we learned from the timeline ruler, where I had to remove extra tick marks and not keep making more timestamps as you zoom in. I need to reserve additions for important new features such as markers. So, I am a little reluctant to add this. I get many complaints when performance becomes worse.

I went ahead and added this after making some tests. I may remove it in the future of things are added, and we need to reduce complexity. It will be in the 19.09 version.

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Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Bonne nouvelle,

Si cela ne ralentit pas les performances de la machine, ce sera très pratique.

Personnellement je n’utilise pas les vignettes de film car cela mobilise trop ma petite machine. Mais le nom du fichier cela ne devrait pas utiliser trop de mémoire.

Merci encore à toute l’équipe de développeurs.

[US]Good news,

If it does not slow down the performance of the machine, it will be very convenient.

Personally I do not use film thumbnails because it mobilizes too much my little machine. But the name of the file should not use too much memory.

Thanks again to the entire team of developers.

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