Clip won't reverse

I have a clip from a larger mp4 file and I’m trying to reverse it, but it just won’t. Whenever I click the “reverse” button it just opens a job and it gets stuck on “pending” forever.


Also, (unrelated,) sometimes when I click the “reverse” button it thinks I clicked the “proxy” button for some reason.
Another unrelated note, whenever I click “OK” on the reverse popup, it doesn’t ask me to create a file name like it says, it just immediately creates the job.

The Reverse button should create two jobs. One to convert the file to a reversible format (Convert), and then one to reverse the converted file (Reverse). The reverse job will not start until the convert job is done. From your screenshot, it looks like the convert job is at 0%. But you said it is a large file. So I expect it will be on 0% for quite a while. Did you wait a long time for it? Did you check on your hard drive to see if a converted file is being created? You can right click on the convert job and choose “View Log” to get some details about what it is doing and its progress.

So you mean that you click the “Reverse…” button and the proxy menu pops up? I have never experienced this. What operating system are you using? How frequently does this happen?

Can you right click on both jobs that are created (Convert and Reverse), choose “View Log”, then choose “Save”. Attached the saved logs to a post on this forum so that we can see it.

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I was trying to reverse a small clip that was split from a large file. I am experience with reversing clips all the time but this time it just won’t work. I did view the logs but I don’t understand what any of it means.

What I mean by the reverse button thinking I clicked proxy, instead of bringing up a menu it will just add the word “(proxy)” to the end of the name of the clip I have selected.

This is a feature when using a project folder.

As for the problem, it is having a problem to convert a sub-clip. If your sub-clip starts well into long video, it might take a little while. It is possible it is stuck, and maybe because the sub-clip thing is a problem. You can try to open the clip in the source player, untrimmed (no sub-clip), and do it from there. You can also try using the Time Remap filter to make a part of a clip go in reverse.

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