Clip thumbnails appear in timeline but not in video

Hi there - n00bie here. I am trying to create a video from a series of images. Everything was going fine until I hit the 21m30s mark. After that point in the timeline, every image I add into the timeline on layer V1:

  1. shows up in the timeline as a thumbnail
  2. does not appear in the video preview

If I move the image to layer v2, the image appears in the video just fine.
If I move the same image earlier in layer v1, it appears in the video just fine.
If I copy an image from earlier in the layer v1 timeline and place it after the 21m30s mark, the image does not appear in the video.

I imagine I accidentally added or changed something on the V1 layer at this point in the timeline. But I have no idea what I did or how to undo it. Help?

It might be due to the track filter you have on V1. See the V1 track header. There is an icon that looks like a funnel. Click it and look in the Filters and Keyframes panel.

Thank you! That was the problem. I added a video fade-in and fade-out filter. I meant to add it to a clip but looks like I added it to the track by mistake. Removing the track level filters did the trick.

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