Clip snaps to the left each time I drag it down

After a hiatus I’m back doing vids on Shotcut. Doing a You Tube music video, I want to cut from one shot ( guitar ) to a different camera ( piano) , all the while keeping in sync with the audio track. Watched a tutorial suggesting you make an " invisible " track ( eye turned off) and split the track, drag this section to the Invisible Track , thereby rendering it unseen and the other track becomes the visible one.

Firstly I wonder if there’s a better way as this soon gets cumbersome

. Secondly when I do this the remaining bit of the split track I am dragging down simply jumps to the left and its now out of sync with the audio. I didnt have this problem when I last used Shotcut so perhaps I’ve forgotten what to do! help please!

Ooops! I sat trying different things and I reckon for some odd reason I had “ripple” activated. perhaps from last time I used Shotcut. This seems to be causing the problem of the jumping track. Mea Culpa.

Have you got Ripple (ctrlR and/or ctrlAltR switched on. If so switch it off. Dammit, you beat me to it.

Yes but you posted to help and were right!
I didn’t really know what I was doing, just pressed a few buttons. A bit like the infinite monkeys who eventually write Shakespeare! Thanks for responding!

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