Clip selections

What is your operating system? Windows 10

What is your Shotcut version? 24.02.29

This is a bug that I also observed on previous versions of Shotcut, but could never find out exactly what triggered it. Until today.

Doing these steps will trigger the bug almost every time:

  • From an already running project, go to File and click on New
  • When prompted to Save the project, choose No
  • Go to Open Other… and create a black Color clip.
  • When prompted, choose Add to Timeline
  • Go to Open Other… again and create a white Color clip.
  • When prompted, choose Add to Timeline
  • Extend the duration of the black clip on track V1.
  • Click on the black clip

The red border on the white clip disappears, but doesn’t appear on the black clip.
And it’s now impossible to select either clips.
Or to be more exact, I think the clip gets selected, but the red border isn’t displayed.
Clicking on one of the track headers will work though.

If I drag the color clips in the timeline instead of using Add to Timeline everything works fine.

A workaround should be Select None to reset selection.

I was going to mention it as a workaround since I think it worked in some occasions in the past. But it didn’t work when I captured the video above. So I did not include that part.

Then, it is the workaround? People other than a developer may use a bug report to look for a workaround.

Well, no. That simply means that the red borders still work on the track header. But click-selecting a header doesn’t restaure the red borders on the clips. Sorry for the confusion.

The only workaround I found so far is to close/re-launch Shotcut.