Clip Not Loading after Opening a Saved Project

Every now and then I have an issue with Shotcut not loading in a clip when opening a saved project.

This latest occurrence is even stranger in that it loaded the audio track but not the video track of the clip.

The only way I’ve found to resolve this is to re-insert and edit the clip again which is a huge PITA.

I’m not seeing a pattern of when or what causes this. It’s never the same clip nor is if ever the same location in the project.

What causes this and anyway to resolve it if it happens again?

This is a screen shot showing the black space where the video clip should be. It loaded the audio and placed it in A1 which is really weird.

In fact it loaded the video clip (MP4), not just the audio track. It shows it as an audio clip because it’s on an audio track. Can you be sure you didn’t inadvertently move that clip there at one point before saving and closing Shotcut?

Since it is the video clip (on the wrong track) just move it on the video track above. No need to drag the original clip again an re-edit it.

Yes, I can confirm that I didn’t inadvertently move the clip. It happens in areas of the project that I hadn’t touched or even reviewed in a while. I’m not even near it to know that it’s missing. It’s not until I export it and review the processed video that I question why the video went black.

This is the first time it’s even shown anything, including in the audio track. Typically it has nothing at all and I haven’t found a way to restore.

I don’t have other suggestions for now. This is a very particular problem. I don’t remember anyone else reporting something similar. I hope someone else comes up with more ideas. In the meantime, please tell what version of Shotcut you use and what is your operating system.

Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2251
Shotcut 22.04.25
Qt 5.15.2

It might be useful to inspect the logfile (ViewApplication Log) and see if there are any messages related to the missing clip.

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