Clip names disappear when opening project on another computer

I work with the version 20.04.12 on Windows 10

What I’ve got: Multiple copies of one clip in the playlist (with different durations) all called with different names. What I need: Open the project on (many) other computers (educational setting). My problem: After reallocation of the video file clip names disappear (durations are still correct). Is there any solution? Thanks in advance!

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… I did a further research and it seems that my problem depends with the “absolute vs. relative paths/links” issue… Is there any possibility to save a ShotCut project and/or to get an access to a file in the “relative” way?

That depends on where your source files are stored at in relation to your saved project MLT file.


Relative File Structure
Y:/project/awesome video.mlt
Y:/project/Damn ALL.mp4
Y:/project/more/source clip/logo.png

  • Shotcut stores the file locations (in the MLT) as
    • Damn ALL.mp4
    • more/source clip/logo.png

Absolute File Structure
Y:/Damn ALL.mp4

  • Shotcut stores the file locations (in the MLT) as
    • Y:/Damn ALL.mp4
    • N:/logo.png

Thank you very much for your reply! But i’m still confused… Where can I safe / where do i find the “logo.png” and/or the folder “more/source clip”? Here how the file looks at my computer:Folder

There is no problem to open the file when the folder is moved to another directory on my PC. The problem is to open it on a different computer.

What I posted was an example of how Shotcut works with saving file locations. I do not know your projects or where any of your files are located. I just made up the other file names for the example.

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