Clip marker/flags as a reminder for specific actions

I’ve already seen the timeline marker, but they don’t fulfill my use-case.

My default MO is to cut long OBS recordings down into smaller clips, and I do the cutting first and the finishing in terms of filters etc. later.

If I do that then I might come across clips that need a specific filter, e.g. one needs a gain filter because the clips is too quiet, another one needs one because it’s too loud and between clip C and D I don’t need a transition - but without simple markers/flags for clips I’m either forced to apply the filter immediately before I forget it, which goes contrary to my MO, or I need to take notes somewhere about which clips need specific treatment, which is hardly good UX.

A selection of icons/markers/flags which can be applied to each clip, and displayed in a way that I can go through the timeline and immediately notice those icons and be reminded of taking specific actions for a particular clip.

Did you read the Road map?

I think your suggestion is there:

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