Clip loses all audio

Widows 10

Version 20.11.28 64 bit

So the issue is i uploaded a clip to shotcut and when i tried editing it i saw that all the audio from the gameplay was stripped leaving no sound whatsoever. All i did was upload the clip to shotcut and wait for a proxy, this issue might have arised because the proxy was not able to complete on the clip. What can i do to solve this issue?

Edit: This is so embarssing but its my bad, the way i downloaded it must have had issues

Hi @FrostFist

It would help if you give more information about your problem.

  1. Can you reproduce the problem ?
  2. What are the file properties ?
  3. How do you know the audio was stripped away ? No sound ? No waveform on the clip? Both ?
  4. Send the Application Log here.
    -Go to View, click on Application Log
    -Click on the Save button to save the log as a .txt file
    -Drag this file in your next post here.

Game recordings in particular tend to have multiple audio tracks embedded in them. Perhaps the track with the audio you’re expecting is not the currently selected track. Go to the Properties panel > Audio tab and see if there are additional tracks available that can be selected as the active track.

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